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RC Transmitter Reciver

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transmitter receiver very low price

  RC Transmitter Receiver This RC transmitter or Receiver device very useful or low cost devices  don't buy flysky transmitter you can use this transmitter. bran of this circuit Atmega 328P you can use also Atmega8A this two microcontroller this microcontroller easy to burn program and upload programing software arduino ide or any AVR compiller . Atmega 328P Pinout Wait for code C More..

Make inverter 5V to 220V just ₹120

Make inverter 5V to 220V just₹120 This inverter can use comments 4.7K ohms resistance, Z44 n-channel MOSFET, 2Amp 12-0-12 transformer, 5Volt DC supply Bulb and bulb holder.

Make inverter just 1 transistor

Make Inverter 1.5volt to 220volt Hello wellcome to science and technology discovery. This inverter make just  ₹15 .  This inverter operated 220V  9watt  60HZ bulb.  This transformer you can get old mobile phone adaptor.  This type of transformer 6 legs, you can check transformer using Multimeter  Setmultimeter 200 ohm and check frist 2 pin 3.6 ohm to 5.6 ohm, second next 2 pin 1.2 ohm, third next 2 pin 0.8 ohm. This  inverter operated transistor 2N3055 NPN transistor frequency 2.5MHz, DC collector current 15A. Power Dissipation pd 115 watt. DC current gain hFE 20. Using resistance 33 ohm to 1K ohm +-5% you can use.

FM transmitter using crystal

FM transmitter using crystal  Video link - 3Volt circuit digram  5Volt circuit digram This Transmitter range 300 metre to 500 metre without any obstacle otherwise range 200 anywhere. It's a spy device. Discuss about listing components Used transistor BC547 for oscillator and I'm using crystal for noise clear frequency and it is very stable frequency.  I am using crystal 25MHz. Using 1K ohms resistance for safe collector transistor overheating. Using 4.7K ohms resistance for active mic .

Make Induction Heater

Make Induction Heater Video link - This circuit use full comments value or comments name. Using inductor 10uH to 100uH you can use everyone this range or heating inductor coil 5turn use 16SWG to 22SWG I am use 22SWG you can use any of this range. Using MOSFET Z44 very frist switching  Z44 frequency range 200MHZ to 4GHZ. Another MOSFET IRF540 I am using this circuit Z44 you can use any of this first switching MOSFET. Using Diode 2N4007 this is American diode This frist recover Diode you can use any frist recover Diode like 2N4107. Using resistance 330 ohm resistance use gate biasing 330 ohm to 470 ohm you can also use this range of resistance. Using 10K ohms resistance gate pin discharge or noise filter you can use 10K ohm to 20K ohm. Using capacitor 1.5uF you can use 1.5uF to 20uF range I am using this circuit 1.5uF. IRFZ44  datasheet this is a third generation Power  MOSFET  that provide the b

Make RF Amplifier using op-Amp

RF Amplifier using op-Amp