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555ic to inverter circuit diagram

555 ic pmw sing circuit diagram

Switching circuit diagram

Switching circuit diagram  This type of circuit use inverter switch signal or many think use this circuit signal 0 up transistor on and another circuit off  1 down transistor on and up off.This circuit is very use full supply 12Volt . At that time, Motors are invented and scientists found that if  we  decrease the  frequency  of the electric supply, the eddy-current loss and hysteresis loss will gradually decrease. Therefore, the scientists decided to  use 50 Hz  instead of 60 Hz to reduce those losses. BC547  is an NPN Bipolar junction transistor. It is commonly  used  to amplify current. A small current at its base controls a larger current at collector & emitter terminals. BC557  is a widely used PNP bipolar junction transistor manufactured in small TO-92 package. It is a general purpose PNP transistor that can be used as a switch or amplifier in electronic circuits. ... The max collector dissipation is 500 milliwatt which is also an another good point to use it i

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