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Fm transmitter circuit

Fm transmitter circuit Power supply   :-   Using power supply stable DC voltage 2V to 3.7V max. You can only use battery because battery is perfect for this circuit battery output doesn't any noise. Components  :- Transistor BC547, Resistance 100 ohms, 4.7K ohms.   Capacitor 1nF, 47pF, 22pF.   Inductor 1uH. Condenser mic any. Resistance  :-   Using resistance 100 ohme +-5% changing 1/3watt, 4.7K ohms +-5% changing 1/3watt. Capacitor  :-   1nF this capacitor number 102 non-polar, 22pF this capacitor number 22 non-polar, 47pF this capacitor number 47 non-polar. Inductor  :-   This part important part for any transmitter circuit, 1uH 5Turn 24SWG. Transistor  :-   BC547  is an NPN Bipolar junction transistor. It is commonly  used  to amplify current. A small current at its base controls a larger current at collector & emitter terminals.  It has a transition  frequency range  up to 100 MHz. When using the transistor as a switch, the max current rating p