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RC Transmitter Reciver

 RC Transmitter Reciver This transmission range 1.5KM  just 250/-useful components NRF24L01 module with antenna.  Using microcontroller atmel company At mega series Atmega8A for Transmitter For receiver circuit NRF24L01 module without extranal antenna. Using microcontroller for receiver atmel company atmega series Atmega 328P . Programming upload ISP PIN using Arduino nano you can use ISP tool . Programming IDE software Arduino IDE , Visual Studio Code or any other software. NRF24L01 module supply +3.3 V constant Or microcontroller supply +5 V constant . Joystick Value 0 to 255 middle value 127 with 0/1 switch. Full Circuit or Code Comming soon .

transmitter receiver very low price

  RC Transmitter Receiver This RC transmitter or Receiver device very useful or low cost devices  don't buy flysky transmitter you can use this transmitter. bran of this circuit Atmega 328P you can use also Atmega8A this two microcontroller this microcontroller easy to burn program and upload programing software arduino ide or any AVR compiller . Atmega 328P Pinout Wait for code C More..